We are one of the few salons that have the legal permit and fully certified & insured in New Jersey. All our technicians acquire NJ licenses to perform services that we provide as well as fellow members of AAM (The American Academy of Micropigmentation) and EBI (Exclusive Beaute Institute of Beauty) Completion for Skin Virus Specialists.

The products we use are natural ingredients based from fruits & vegetables without any harmful cancer causing AZOs and we use top anesthetic medications to ensure safe and painless treatments. 

We value our customers’ opinions during the treatment to result in great satisfaction. Especially with eyelash extensions, we only carry the top high quality flatlashes in the industry and without any extra fees we only perform extensions with the same products. This type of flatlash is perfect for those who have naturally thin and weak lashes that cannot hold up to the regular type of lash extensions. It is extremely soft & light with the adhesive tip is shaped flat (hence the name ‘flatlash’), it hugs the natural lashes resulting in improved retention. Along with the best lash products, our medical skin glue is very gentle, long lasting, and the safest which makes it the ultimate glue in the industry.

Our staff and technicians are experienced with new, updated techniques & trends, providing beautiful results with the safest products which makes our customers greatly satisfied. We do not advertise, most of our customers find us by referral or by word of mouth, highly recommended and guaranteed by the customers who had experienced our high end beauty service.



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